Air Compressor Service

Pressure Washer Service

Car Wash Service

Pump Service

Hydraulic Service

Tank Inspections Service

Car Wash Service

  • Repairs for carwash systems regardless of brand, model, installer and manufacturer! We service ALL brands
  • Comprehensive replacement parts for automatic, semi-automated, manual, "coin-op" & prepaid car wash systems
  • Onsite service & repairs of all car wash systems
  • Onsite service & repairs of all interior vacuum systems
  • Onsite service & repairs for hose booms, fittings, pipes, hoses, filters, nozzles and accessories
  • Onsite service & repairs for wastewater reclamation & water treatment systems
  • Onsite scheduled maintenance for all carwash related systems and hardware
  • On call service available for out of hours service, repairs & parts
  • In-house service provided for components
  • Comprehensive replacement parts for all competitive brands
  • Factory warranty and repair center for: